Do Your Best!

September, 2013

Hello and welcome to Pack 1 and Cub Scouting.

Pack 1 is an active Cub Scout Pack that is Faith based and Dad led. We strive for Dads to step up and lead their sons and pray that God leads us as we lead our boys. We are chartered by Huntington Christian School (HCS) and affiliated with First Christian Church. (FCC.) We strive to teach the traditional views of Cub Scouting in a family friendly and fun environment. Our goal is to use the Cub Scout program to not only prepare our boys for Boy Scouts but ultimately to make a lifetime of moral and ethical decisions.

We encourage you to visit Pack 1 to see if we are right for you. There are many packs in the area and all teach the same basic program. Each pack will look and feel unique as they are a reflection of the leadership and families that make up the pack. We encourage you to visit a few and find the one that fits your family.

Pack 1 is a moderate sized pack with about 55 active scouts. The program is open to boys in 1st thru 5th grade and you can start at any time. We plan a full year program that focuses on the core Cub Scout program during the school year and family fun in the summer.

Pack meetings (all scouts and their families together) are held September to May on the 4th Monday night of each month at FCC and start at 7PM. (Please confirm dates on our calendar) Pack meetings are family events where we have fun, recognize achievements and let you know what is coming up. Each den (grade-specific group of boys) meets 1 to 3 times a month depending on grade level. Each den decides when and where they meet. The den meeting is where they learn.

Pack 1 encourages parents to be active. That is how your family will get the most out of Cub Scouts. We have a active committee where moms and dads lend their time and energy to help the pack plan and execute events, leaving the den leaders to lead the boys. We plan special events throughout the year (including the summer) such as Pinewood Derby, Space Derby and Raingutter Regatta. Beginning in 2nd grade, the boys start to camp and usually camp 1 to 3 times per year. Summer events occur twice each month and are totally optional. Examples are Rocket launching, Family Camping, Beach Bike Ride/BBQ and Movie night.

Pack 1 budgets and plans to make Cub Scouting as inexpensive as possible. Annual basic pack dues are ~$100. Each den has nominal den dues ($20) which is for the den leader to execute the program. We are proud to wear the cub scout uniform but only require the waist up: belt, shirt, neckerchief, slide, hat and patches. That usually cost ~$85. Additional earned awards, patches & pins along with our camps and other extra activities cost additional but are not required.

We invite you to check us out. The best way to do this is to contact me and plan to visit a den and our next pack meeting. We look forward to getting to know you and your family.

Yours in Scouting,
Matthew Henricks
Pack 1, Huntington Beach

You can reach me via email at